Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tante Marissa Makassar

Houston Homeowners Insurance Information

Houston homeowners insurance has had some changes over the last few years. Previously most homeowners selected a HOA package for the least expensive coverage or a HOB package for more complete coverage. After the Texas lawsuits involving mold many insurance companies no longer offer HOB packages because they include mold coverage.

As a replacement for HOB there are amended HOA policies that add coverage’s to make a better package. Because these packages are not standardized, like HOA and HOB packages, it is a little harder to comparison shop them. I suggest getting a couple quotes from reputable companies and then comparing cost and coverage.

Make sure the policy you select has high enough limits to cover the dwelling, other structures, and personal property. In many cases it would cost much more than the market value to rebuild your home after a disaster. That means that it could be advisable to have a higher dwelling limit than the appraised value. A basic policy may not have coverage from sudden release of water, fall of trees and limbs, collapse of building, or breakage of glass. A good amended HOA policy should include these coverage’s.

For your personal property make sure the limit is high enough. I also recommend getting “replacement cost valuation”. This is much better than an “actual cash value” policy that would settle for the depreciated value of your goods rather that the amount needed to buy new items.

Personal liability coverage is usually from $100,000 to $500,000. It is usually inexpensive to increase to $500,000 and that is what I suggest.

To save money on your policy it is usually best to get your home and auto coverage from the same company because there is typically a good discount for this. Your agent should discuss all the other possible discounts available. These may include non-smoker, alarm, newer home, over 55, and more.

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