Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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What Does Liability Insurance in Home Insurance Coverage Protect?

Accidents happen at people's homes and this is why these homeowners need to have liability insurance under their homeowner's insurance policies. In the event that someone is injured, experiences an accident resulting in death or has some other type of loss, the homeowner will be held liable for compensating these people.

For example, someone may drown in a homeowner's pool. The survivors may sue the homeowner and the jury will award these survivors a large sum of money that the homeowners will have to be responsible for paying. They will also have to pay their lawyers' legal fees. All of this can amount to a large sum of money, and the homeowners may even have to sell their houses to raise it.

Liability insurance protects the homeowners' assets from being seized and sold in the event that someone is hurt on their property. The Personal Liability Coverage will be accessed for a variety of different situations that may occur on a homeowner's property. If a family member injures someone on the property or the dog bites a guest, this insurance coverage will pay the injured party.

Guests to the house can also have accidents, fall and break a bone. Personal liability coverage will pay these people's medical bills. If they have to miss work to recover from their injuries they will receive their lost wages from this coverage. In the event that someone dies on the property, the liability coverage offers death benefits to the survivors and may even offer enough money to give the injured a sum of money for pain and suffering. If these issues end up in court, the homeowner's legal defense will be paid through this coverage.

When purchasing liability insurance, homeowners are free to set the limits for the policy. This means that they will decide the maximum amount of money that can be paid in the event that they need to use the insurance. If this amount is set at a low level the premiums will be cheaper, but it's possible that the amount of money these homeowners will be ordered to pay someone hurt on their property may be more than their insurance will pay. The homeowner will then be responsible for the rest of the amount.

People who have reason to believe that they are vulnerable to being sued such as if they own a pit bull, would be well advised to purchase the most insurance for dog bites that they can possibly afford. This will ensure that they have sufficient insurance to pay the entire judgment that may be levied against them.

Liability insurance is a necessary expense for those who own their homes. The potential for people to get hurt for all kinds of reasons is too great to live without it.

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